INBAP Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty Aktywów Niepublicznych managed by Ipopema Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych owns nine operating retail and service facilities, six projects currently under construction and numerous properties located throughout the country. The INBAP Group activities’ scope also includes reloading and storage projects located on the Polish eastern border and residential investments in the primary market.

The INBAP Group team consists of over one hundred and twenty qualified employees and numerous experts cooperating to implement individual projects and investments.

The headquarters are located in Warsaw and the management office in Biała Podlaska. Our investment department is located in Gdańsk.


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We deal with investments. We have gained experience in this industry by building and then managing service and commercial facilities in various regions of Poland. INBAP Group projects are planned and designed to be as functional as possible, and at the same time, modern and economical to maintain. They are created in locations with a perfectly functioning network of public transport connections and are often the first facilities of this type in individual towns. Thanks to a thorough location analysis, they are attractive due to both network and local companies.

Our activity in the real estate market also includes the construction of residential buildings. We are currently working on implementing two investments in the Lubelskie Voivodeship: a modern housing estate in Biała Podlaska and a multi-family facility in Łuków. Thus, we will provide the region’s inhabitants with 170 comfortable apartments in a convenient location and a high standard of finish.

As part of INBAP GROUP, we carry out handling and storage projects in Małaszewicze Duże near Terespol – on the so-called The New Silk Road, at the country’s eastern border, the main railway route connecting Western Europe with Russia and the Far East. Our bases offer the possibility of handling, storage, and filtration of a wide range of products. The ongoing expansion and modernisation aim to extend the offer with completely new products and functionalities and improve the services’ quality.

As a company with experience and ambitions, we actively support various initiatives in the cities where we implement our investments. We participate in scientific, cultural and sports events, contributing to the development of regions, and we take part in actions whose goals we consider valid. One of the critical elements of our activity in this area is the INBAP Scholarship program implemented in two public secondary schools in Biała Podlaska. Through it, we support the most talented, high-achieving students and motivate them to continue working and reaching further success.




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